Patient Advocacy Services

Patient Advocacy Services

Periop Partners provides advocacy services for the discerning private patient. Our clientele are distinguished business leaders who require absolute discretion in their medical management.

Our private patient advocates are trained health personnel who are remunerated for their services directly by the patient or by the family.

A patient advocate does not replace a patient’s doctor or health care team, and we do not make any decisions in relation to a patient’s medical treatment. Instead, we provide relief for the patient, the family and the treating team by handling the details.

Our role is:

  • to facilitate discussions,
  • to coordinate care and
  • to establish and aid appropriate mechanisms that enable the patient and their family to receive the quality of communication and access to the best of international expertise.
  • We specialise in knowing and accessing the latest international research, resources and specialist services, particularly in the US.
  • At every stage, the patient is empowered to take charge themselves and proceed alone or to continue with the assistance of our patient advocate.
  • Each patient is unique and the requirements varies with each case and the patient and family’s perspective. Typically, an engagement starts with a phone call or face to face meeting, resulting in specific desired outcomes.
  • To engage a patient advocate, please email: For urgent matters, please contact +61 4 12 438 059