About Us


Be Your Own – About Us

Our Vision

We envision a future where patients make better decisions affecting their health, even before they are sick; where health practitioners have the autonomy and support to return to a collaborative and supportive decision-making role; where health organisations, including governments, operate efficient practices; where the practices of mindful Thought, Movement and Food™ are shared amongst a community. Be Your Own invests in and partners with companies who share our vision.

Our Missions

To ensure healthcare is available and accessible anytime, and everywhere; to identify and support companies creating positive health outcomes for the population; to advocate for individuals seeking a better health future for themselves and their family; to encourage the development of health awareness and sustainable communities through the power of women.

The Values of Our Ecosystem

Above and Beyond: Seeking at all times to create a positive experience in interacting with our customers and within the company.
Quality: continually refreshing our Shou Yi (craft) with new skills, talents, perspectives and development strategies.
Taking care of the team: good health outcomes are a joint responsibility and every engagement is the opportunity to share a personal and collective commitment to the quest for good health.

Recruiting People With an Affinity For Our Ecosystem

The Group recruits exceptional people who are capable of pragmatic, collaborative and compassionate thinking. We seek people who are generalists, capable and interested in many different areas, creative and hands-on, with an entrepreneurial mindset and international vision. They must have a strong affinity with achieving quality and efficiency in health outcomes. Many of our team have a background in healthcare, but others have worked in sectors characterized by an excellence in delivery, the competitive edge of innovation and the quality of customer service. The priority for Human Resources is to build strong creative and passionate teams and develop their skills through training and alignment of goals in a joint responsibility environment. We are not currently recruiting, but are always looking for good talent in healthcare software and customer service.